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CENTRAL ISLAND HOMES is part of the HOMELIST CANADA network, designed to reflect how I prefer to experience local content when making "short-list" selections:  Direct, relevant, comprehensive and reliablewith an interesting user interface.  If we have what you're looking for, you will find it - in seconds.

The key factors are consistency and independence...unrestricted by obligations to external organizations or political boundaries, we're able to include anything that might be of value to users, while avoiding the clutter of random syndicated advertising. 

Launch is planned for 2019 (this is a spare time project on a small budget) ... See below for some of the key elements in the full international roll-out next year.

Be sure to check out our participation options too - you're welcome to start now if you like!

In the meantime, I hope this regional-scale site is useful to both buyers and sellers, whether viewed in a mobile environment or on a personal computer.  Enjoy CENTRAL ISLAND HOMES!                 Keith Baldwin (Sooke, BC)

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